Video and design, a match made in heaven


Video and design, a match made in heaven

  • For film

    Advertising and documentary production

    We can be as bold and original as you let us, so be bold yourself! We're balanced with the budget, sharp with the camera and swift with quality and delivery.

  • For companies

    We give the best look to your brand

    We tell in images the mission of your company. From front end development, branding, logotype design till GUI for apps and games, but with an added value: we think with video and motion in mind.

  • For Tourism

    We take you there

    Mini documentaries for tourism. Walkarounds, tour presentations, travel guide. Filming in Europe, America, and the whole world. The best way to show your part of the planet

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Work it harder. Make it better. Do it faster. Makes us stronger.


Work it harder. Make it better. Do it faster. Makes us stronger.


A quick look of what we can do

This is a showreel of only a part f the personal and professional works made in the last years, either freelance or contracted. They include several disciplines like video production , visual design, art direction, motion graphics and 3d. Yes, we can do all that, and that's where our strength resides


Combinging arts, crafts, technologies and techniques

Things move fast these days, and to be competitive you have to get creative. In that sense loving what you do is a huge advantage when working. Because trying new things, testing new technologies, researching for new and better ways to work is not a pain, it's a pleasure.


A level of quality internationally acclaimed

In our brief history we've been already awarded and recognized worldwide by top of the line companies and institutions, giving us strength and will to strive and continue to offer the best product for your needs.

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International experience

Because experience is priceless

More than 8 years of experience working for and with media agencies like McCann Erikson, BBDO, EURO in advertising, networks like VPRO and TELEFE in TV and coproductions in film are the base for our know how. But learning never really stops.

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Because we take inspiration seriously


Because we take inspiration seriously

Curating interesting content

Besides our official blog, we take special care to show both our workflow and inspiration, that's why we created several channels to keep you updated with the best and latest of video, design, creativity and new technologies.

  • APZ media's notes


    A flow of thought on Tumblr, and daily updates of our work. If it inspires, then it's here.

  • APZ media's daily inspiration

    Vimeo Channel

    The best of Vimeo curated by us


  • APZ media's Youtube Channel

    Youtube channel

    The best of Youtube one click away from you, plus tutorials, tips and lots of cool stuff


Can't wait to write us? Drop us a line!


Can't wait to write us? Drop us a line!

Trieste, Italy

M: (+39) 34 633 83 978