Have you ever been to Venice? What is the most famous thing about Venice? You’re right, the channels. And what’s the first thing that comes in mind when you think about them? You’re right again, the famous gondolas.

Probably the most iconic image of Venice, the gondola trip is a must when travelling to Venice.
Well for those who want to experience what it is to be like on a gondola, here’s a video of a small trip .
Venice is pretty much a huge museum-city, and also a maze since its full of dead ends. Besides that, there are many streets that are purely “nautical”, meaning that you can’t go thru them without a boat.

A day in Venice from Pablo Apiolazza on Vimeo.

Being a gondolier is not easy. There’s a guild that controls the amount of licences issued each year and in order to get one you need to give a set of exams including knowledge of Venetian history and landmarks, foreign language skills, and practical skills in handling the gondola, which as you might see in the video, is a must.




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