APZmedia at the next Adobe Creative Jam Milan

APZmedia between the 10 italian teams at the first italian edition of Adobe Creative Jam

This year Adobe has organized the New Creative Meet Up. Seven “cities of design” have been chosen to host the event: London, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan and Madrid.

The most talented artists and designers share their creations and sources of inspiration thru a streaming, in different disciplines like graphic design, photography, video and visual effects. In every city ten teams will represent each country in a three hour creative competition with a surprise subject.

We are happy to announce that this April 15th Pablo Apiolazza and Federica Raffin will be among the ten teams at the italian Adobe Creative Jam.

creatives on the Creative Jam London edition

What’s a Creative Jam?

The Creative Jam is a creative competition. Initially we will receive a surprise subject and then we’ll have only three hours to develop a concept and a video. During our work you’ll be able to watch the creative process live.

One of the works developed on the Creative Jam London edition

The event will be on April 15th, at 17.00 CEST thru a LIVE streaming.
You will be able to cheer for APZmedia via twitter with the hashtag #CreateNow or follow the progress of our work on Behance.net

To watch the streaming, you can connect the day of the event on this link . You can also vote for us!

You can also follow us on Facebook and get live news on your news feed. To make this happen follow these steps.

1.Like us on APZmedia

2.On the APZmedia page click on “Get notifications”

Don’t miss the date by adding it to your calendar here

We hope to see you there!

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