State of the art in communications in a video for the italian company Athonet

Recently I’ve been comissioned a motion graphics piece for a company called Athonet. Together with two other companies they will eventually participate at Milano’s Triennale in a show about italian innovation and startup companies.
Athonet, a young company specialised in the development of advanced mobile telecommunications systems, designed “PRIMO” (PRIvate MObile), a compact, portable mobile UMTS/HSPA/LTE connection, used by the rescue services of Friuli Venezia Giulia after the recent earthquake in Emilia. It is the first example anywhere in the world of an LTE network being used for post-earthquake emergency rescue.
They needed to convey a strong sense of technology and innovation on the video, so I created a common concept for all three videos to support this idea.
The main features of they products involved locations and satellites, so I proposed the aesthetics of several films, inspired on the bond saga, to give just an example.

The video is not only part of the show but also a piece for online marketing and it’s being even displayed on AREA di Ricerca’s headquarters.

Transportable mobile network for emergencies from AREA Science Park on Vimeo.

Recently Athonet has been anounced as finalist of the Global Mobile Awards 2013. We wish them the best of luck with their nomination!

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