Beyond the screen - Trailer

Check out the trailer of our new documentary, and be part of the social media revolution.

Beyond the screen Trailer from Pablo Apiolazza on Vimeo.

Every day we open the newspapers, we turn on the TV, and we get news about the most outrageous, cruel, criminal and dark events in the world. And without even noticing, we slowly create a sense of the world based on those events. They seem all there is out there. And they make seem our lives to be exceptional, fragile, endangered. We start to isolate, to build mental and physical walls to protect us from all this danger.

The hard part about this is that those awful things DO happen. They’re not an invention. But traditional media moves fast and in only one direction. There’s no invitation to ask ourselves why, or to look for a solution, and even sometimes they have an agenda of their own. It’s just an unstoppable stream of data that goes in one way, and that slowly but surely fills the voids of information that we have, without reasoning, or caution.

We create ideas in our minds of how other people is, what do they do, how do they live, without ever experience by ourselves each particular case. We asign positive and negative values to people based on a random set of events that come to us premolded, preconceived, and predigested. We are trained to judge, but not to learn.

Yet again human nature manifests itself thru technology, giving birth to social networks. They invite us to share, to express, to connect. Maybe as a natural reflex to all this physical isolation and fear.

We are on the verge of a change in the way that we conceive the world. With borders fading, and distances narrowing thanks to technology, we have the chance to challenge our assumptions of all we knew before only through the screen.

When I met Wijnand Boon, and his story I knew immediately that his was a story to be told. And that’s how this project was born.
Beyond the screen is the story of one person who decided to experience things in a first hand.

In a world where violence and deception are the news, fear and distrust divide us more and more each day.
Yet friendships are sealed online with the click of a button. One man set out to reach beyond the screen, and to prove how social networks can be used to unite and overcome our problems and fears.

We worked really hard to create this documentary short film, making a lot of efforts to convey a message, because we believe in this medium and in the revolution of the digital era. But no matter how much effort do we make, the power is also in numbers.

If you liked this trailer or the subject, I invite you to connect, to take an active part of this subject. That is the true power of social media, the ability to discuss, to debate, to find common ground together. A simple share has the exponential power to create bonds, to build bridges between people who think alike. The potential first step for real connections, real debate and real solutions. We are not aware of the true power of social media, and it is only natural, it is a road that we are making on the fly. But is is truly a revolution. The power of sharing knowledge, of making stories spread around the world, the power to inspire others is in each one of us. Sometimes the urgent leave no time to the important. But simple actions can have complex results. It’s time to use this medium properly.

It’s time to go beyond the screen.

This trailer will be used as an intro to Wijnands presentation at Babylon, a concert hall in Istanbul where MasterPeace Turkey will be launched on middle September 2013.

For more information about Masterpeace:
To know more about Wijnand’s pilgrimage:
To keep updates for this and other projects: APZmedia on Facebook

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