Collaboration with CNN Style

Watch our collaboration with CNN Style for the Red carpet style special

We recently had the pleasure to shoot in Rome at Bulgari’s HQ for the Episode 11 of CNN Style: Red carpet style in Hollywood.

In the episode, Derek Blasberg explores the art and allure of the Hollywood red carpet, from celebrity styling to high-end jewelers.
The red carpet is the superbowl of fashion, and Bulgari plays a key role in it, featuring its jewelry since the very beginning of the ceremony.

For the episode, Pablo traveled to Rome to film the Bulgari’s HQ, the precision and team work behind such a jewelry piece, from concept to completion. Sadly the footage didn’t make the cut, but the experience was nonetheless unique.

Besides that, Pablo also filmed an interview to Lucia Silvestri, art director of Bulgari, where she explained her work process and inspiration. Lucia is an amazing character with a fascinating story, that would deserve a storytelling profile on her own. Hopefully someday! Who knows.

Finally, he had an exclusive visit to Bulgari’s private collection museum, where he had access to Elizabeth Taylor’s famous jewelry, among other historical pieces.

You can watch the full episode in CNN Style’s website.

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