Italian Ministry of Labour awards Pablo Apiolazza

APZ media gets another award, this time from Italia Lavoro, best video advertising the italian craftsmanship

Italia Lavoro – Condividi il tuo talento from Pablo Apiolazza on Vimeo.

This year the italian Ministry of Labour opened a contest to promote the italian craftsmanship. The main objective of the contest is to show to the younger the importance and beauty of the arts and crafts.
This was the first step of the campaign “Condividi il tuo talento” (Share your talent)
Together with Federica Raffin, we got into the subject and mainly though about the best ways to interface with a young audience, in a way that we can recall the hands, but without being outdated or boring. Advertising arts and crafts is not an easy task, after all.
That’s how we came up with the idea of facebook, and the “like” hand. After all, which is the most popular hand, the most present everywhere?
We started then with the storyboarding and a clear concept: show how the arts and crafts is not something boring or old, but something rather cool to do, and not only that but to show that there are already lots of young people working on them.

Apzmedia Italia Lavoro Storyboard

This is one of the first storyboards. As you can see most of it has been followed exactly as planned.

We didn’t want to make a coral film of many different arts and crafts, because we wanted to work further with the concept, that’s why we decided to contact the “Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli) who very kindly let us in to film for a day. We went filming with Matteo Mascarin, a wonderful videomaker and our great assistant director, with the hard task of putting in images our storyboard. That was possible thanks to the participation of the wonderful artists and students from the school, plus some other artisan from the town of Spilimbergo.

The all seeing like

As usual, the great Fabio Ambrosino was in charge of the music, and he got the perfect timing and mood thanks to the cooperative feedback between first cuts and storyboarding.
It’s interesting to notice that the final tagline changed several times until we chose the definitive one: “Creiamo una Italia che ci piace”.

Click on the image to enlarge.

The background color was also a hard choice. We chose the blue because of three reasons: the main one was to avoid the classic italian “tricolore” which was harder to compose and less univocal, the second was the resemblance with the Italia Lavoro Logo, which goes with the intentions of the brief, and the last was the resemblance with the European Union flag, evoking the values of a multicultural continent and the cultural richness of it.

Last friday the jury of “Italia Lavoro”, part of the italian Ministry of Labour decided the winners of the Contest “Lavoro Manuale di Qualità”.
After a very difficult evaluation, and due to the overall high quality of the submissions, the jury gave us the first prize in the category “video”.
We were very happy to discover that on the reasons why the video was chosen all the things that we thought were expressed. It was a great satisfaction to comply once again the message we wanted with the video.
Together with the print winner, this video will become the official asset to relaunch and promote the italian craftsmanship sector.

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