Making of RedShift logo

A quick example of the standard design process of a logo. This time for the italian hi-tech company “Redshift”

An italian company asked us to make a logo. The company works with very specific hi tech devices, and the concept of the company’s work had to be transmitted on the logo.
The company name is Redshift, due to a physical phenomena in the doppler effect, that consist in a difference of distance on a wavelenght.

One morning I saw thru the window shades how the light was causing a ripple effect.


That was pretty much what a redshift meant, so therefor it was the starting point for the design process. We started to scribble some sketches on a paper to get a more visual idea of it.

Redshift sketches

After that we chose the most suitable idea and we developed a nicer sketch of what should it be.

Redshift concept

Once we were sure about the form and how it communicated the main concept, we moved to illustrator. This is the final result.

Redshift Logo

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