This is our latest work for the italian company Modefinance, a young and innovative startup born in Innovation Factory, AREA di Ricerca, Italy. Speek is a platform that gives you realtime data about over 2.000.000 companies in Europe. The strong point of their product is that you can check in realtime if a company is reliable or vulnerable.
Mattia and Valentino wanted a fresh and dynamic way to tell the advantages of their product, so that’s how I came with the idea of the wolf in sheep’s clothes. It’s a very down-to-earth methaphore about how a company’s health can be deceiving sometimes.
That’s how the first drafts of the wolf and the sheep came up.

Sketches for Speek's sheep and wolf

Then I played with the logo and the idea of a magnifying lens. How thru the looking glass of Speek you can see the truth behind the facade.

the looking glass

Finally, we worked on the storyboard and the movement. What do you think about it?



Work motion graphics


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