A different approach to tourism testimonials

Striving for innovation in the tourism sector. The Valsugana case study

Last summer on the Trentino region in Italy we teamed up with Storytravelers to build another storytelling campaign for the Valsugana – Lagorai Tourism board.
This time though, the quest was a bit different. We wanted to involve the people who were actually living the place, and make them tell their own experience.
Usually what is done is a rather typical testimonial video with people talking, but that is not our style, so together with Mike Corey, Stefano Bellumat and Caspar Diederik we came up with a different, more visual approach to testimonials, in the shape of a social experiment.

We built a special drawing board, in which looking for people in couples (mothers and daughters, little friends, old buddies, brother and sister, etc) and first we asked one to think about their best moment during their holidays, and draw it. The other one had to guess. We made the different couples to compete in a time based challenge against other people, becoming everything a big game.

The result was more than positive: people had a lot of fun with what otherwise would have been less interesting for them, and then we had the chance to show the real places where their memories had place, and integrate them with their drawings, by animated them.

Their reactions were spontaneous, fresh and completely honest, and the story came up on its own.
What do you think about the concept? Have you watched anything similar?
Leave your comments below.

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