The day it happened

Can you imagine the day that AIDS is defeated? This video shows a way this could happen

December the first is the World AIDS day. This year the Chevron company proposed a contest with the title “AIDS is going to lose”
The main idea of the contest is to bring a positive message to the world but at the same time raise awareness and responsibility in society.
With that in mind, I started to outline a proposal for this contest. My main concept was time. If (and when) we believe that something will happen, then instead of a chance, is an event set somewhere in the future.
That takes us to a wonderful idea: every second that passes we’re closer to that event.
I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot the video with actual biologists and genetist, so even if the video have some licenses in terms of technical accuracy, most of the images are of real life labs.
I must thank to Bruna Coutinho, Perdo Menvieille, Daniel Passos, Tanvi Khera and Ketaki Ganti for their help, they are wonderful actors besides incredible scientists.

The day it happened from Pablo Apiolazza on Vimeo.

This is the resulting entry. I hope you like it.

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