The lonely network

Check the importance of being connected and how ideas pair up and combine.

Recently Wacom organized a contest called Pioneers of Now on the popular creatives’ social network Behance

The request of the contest is very simple: Submit a self portrait on your own style.

Not long ago I posted on APZmedia’s notes a video that talks about innovation and the current state of affairs with the social networks. I was happily surprised by it because I realized I wasn’t the only one who thought about this.

Everyday there are more and more instruments to connect to each other. But even so being a freelance can be a lonely job. Specially when you move to a new town and you don’t have friends that do the same as you.

Three years ago I moved away from Buenos Aires, and therefor away from my working entourage.
Since then I’ve been having some sort of creative cabin fever, and my biggest struggle resides in finding connections and friends in the creative field. People to work with but mostly to interact, to share works, to speak the creative language with them. After all, inspiration is the sum of a million different stimuli.

Sometimes we take this stimuli for granted. We have it so clearly in front of our eyes that we don’t even realize what we have. From a good conversation with your dad till a silly argument about lightsabers, anything can trigger a good idea. We just have to be really receptive, we have to learn to watch closely.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because I’m doing the visuals for a big science exposition in Trieste called TRAME, that underlines with their graphic concept the idea of a growing weave. As a matter of fact, I thought it would be cool for them to make portraits of their keynote speakers made of weaves.
Once you have an idea, you look for a technique to implement it, to put it into work. In this case I created a set of brushes to “weavelize” images, and together with some image processing and a lot of digital painting I came up with TRAME’s portraits.

Not long ago I came to the realization that in the creative field the connection between people is paramount to deliver a good project. Sometimes we don’t have the chance to phisically meet with others or be in contact with their work, but nevertheless internet has helped us to discover new artists and things, and exchange this knowledge.
To me Behance itself is this sort of creative weave, the only place where I can stay connected with what I love, without losing touch with the outer world, the new trends, the innovation. A way of traveling without moving.

The combination of all these concepts above gave birth to this self portrait.

Now we only have to trascend the digital barrier and humanize it a little more, showing our appreciation for these artists. Sometimes even a comment of support is good enough, and we should never forget that things lead to things, and that’s our way to surf the creative wave.

Some people say everything’s connected, we just have to find the links. This inner wiring, our will to share what we do, is the shortcut to innovation, the road to be a Pioneer of Now.

Check the project on Behance and vote for it!

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