This is a gift

Check what you can remember in the top of a mountain.

During 2012 I had the wonderful chance to team up on a Storytraveler’s initiative and experience in the flesh the wonderful Cima D’Asta, a mountain in Valsugana, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy.
Storytravelers is a travel video company that shares a philosophy: to try to give something more on each product. To leave a mark. Their policy is simple but strong: live the territory that you’re telling and give a visual interpretation of it.
Together with Caspar Diederik, founder of Storytravelers, we shared two days of trekking and filming in order to tell a story. In this case it was my time to tell a story.
At this point I think it’s good to remark that it was my first trekking experience. And a little out of shape, it was quite hard for me. It was worth every second though. The landscapes and the ambience of that place is like very few places in the world. In that situation we have a triple endeavor: to trek, to film and to block “on the fly” some sort of story while you’re living it. That’s quite a difficult task as you might imagine.
It was during a timelapse that I remembered some sort of poem I wrote once, something for my parents. My parents are living away from me and I always want to tell them how much I love them, but sometimes out of shy, or maybe cause we don’t have time, we don’t do it. I wanted to make them an hommage right here and right now. And that’s how the text came out. I thought it wasn’t enough just a poem, so I stored it. And in the middle of the mountain, by dawn, with that silence that gets into your bones, I thought it would be nice to tell the story of a climbing, of sacrifice, of how our mentors’ teachings guide our lives. So that’s how the video was born.

We counted with the music of the wonderful Sarah Schachner, an incredible american composer who can transmit a feeling with such an intensity that cannot be missed. It gives the perfect tone to the video and it was a blessing to have it as a soundtrack.

Here’s the video:

This is a gift from StoryTravelers on Vimeo.

Some people might find it cheesy. If it’s your case I recommend you to go up there, to watch the sun rise and to give a thought about it.


Filmed in Valsugana, Trentino, Italy
Walking trails:
A project of Valsugana Tourism
Produced by StoryTravelers:
Edited and Filmed by Pablo Apiolazza:
Filmed by Caspar Diederik
Music “Special Relativity” By Sarah Schachner
In collaboration with the following communities of Valsugana: Carzano, Castello Tesino, Pieve Tesino, Roncegno Terme, Ronchi, Samone, Scurelle, Spera, Strigno, Telve, Telve di Sopra, Torcegno.

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