Yesterday Tripfilms, the website leader in travel videos, and a true innovator in tourism promotion, awarded us with the Eye Candy Award: Best Imagery, for our video A Day in Venice.

Video is the ultimate vessel to convey not only information but the feelings and the atmosphere of a place, and that is paramount in the development of tourism, and awareness for tourism operators. It’s great content to be shared online, and it is a great resource for decision making when thinking about making a trip, having some holidays or simply leave everything and head for an adventure.
It’s also a great way to transmit the magic of certain places, and that’s what we try to do in our videos.

We want to thank Tripfilms for this award, and also Tara Donaldson who thanks to Twitter a long time ago told me about the website and suggested me to submit a video. This award is very important because it supports our commitment to shoot and produce new, fresh and high quality videos and gives us the strength and will to go forward in this quest.
We also want to thank the wonderful couples that are the other protagonists of the video, and specially Martin and Iael, who kindly invited us not only to a gondola trip, but also to a wonderful meeting of good old friends.
Another big thanks to my friend and colleague Caspar Diederik, from Storytravelers who is always a source of inspiration and support, besides a great professional with whom we have made many other high quality travel videos.
I would like to congratulate not only the other winners but all the nominees for their wonderful work.

You can find the winners of the other categories on the trippy awards page

This is our third award in less than a year.

What do you think about the video? In which place should we make another travel video?


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