Creating great content is a collective work.

We are part of several professional collectives with which we collaborate, plus we can assemble an international team with specialized roles that make the perfect squad.

Pablo Apiolazza



Pablo Apiolazza is a filmmaker, art director and storyteller with over 12 years of experience in advertising, animation, film and documentary. He was born in Buenos Aires, where he studied image and sound design at the University of Buenos Aires. Since then he participated in award winning campaigns and films both nationally and internationally.

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Federica Raffin



Born at Monfalcone in 1985, she studied architecture in Trieste’s University. Since then she always combined her research and organizational skills with her nomad spirit. Traveler by passion, explorer by vocation, restless curious, she loves to be involved in new projects combining several disciplines.

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Emiliano Racino

Sound design


Emiliano Racino studied Filmmaking and TV production in Cordoba. He was part of the teaching staff of the University for four years, while he collaborated in a research for the project “Multichannel sound design in contemporary cinema”. We works as a sound designer, covering areas like microfonist, foley artist, sound design, dubbing, mastering and post production

Jorge Muchut

Asist. direccion


Jorge studied advertising and then filmmaking in Cordoba, Argentina, at Metro communication school. He currently lives in Italy and works as a videomaker.


Jordan Orlando



Jordán Orlando studied Filmmaking in Buenos Aires. He continued his studies with recognized masters (Lautaro Vilo, Mauricio Kartún, Leiva Muller, Rojas Apel, Michelina Oviedo, among others). His scripts won the National Film Commission Opera Prima Award (currently in postproduction). He works as an advertising director, screewriter, advisor and copywriter.

Nahuel Varela



With a Image and Sound Design Degree at FADU (Buenos Aires University), he continued his studies in the Argentinan Film Institute (SICA) and ECA. With over ten years of experience in the industry, he worked as a DOP in several Cannes award winning ads and films.

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We’re proud to join forces with these organizations to deliver top quality results.

Owl studio

3D – VFX – fluid animation

Owl is a Creative Visual Effects Studio based in Santo Domingo and Buenos Aires. Founded in 2013 as a creative platform and playground for our own films and experiments, Owl today is using that same spirit but combining it with the resources of a production studio. They have built a digital infrastructure, which is flexible and strong designed to support rapid expansion and contraction based on project needs.


Travel video collective

Storytravellers is a tribe of visual storytelling artists with a shared passion for genuine travel. They love to dive deep into travel experiences and tell about them through cutting edge videos and imagery.

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